Emergency maintenance - Changes to IAX ID's

22 janvier 2020
Dear Customer, In order to ensure future availability of geographic numbering for use with IAX services, we are carrying out emergency works to increase the IAX ID from SIX digits to EIGHT. Following the works, all assigned ID's for provisioned numbers using the IAX protocol will be in the form of an EIGHT digit number starting with the number SEVEN, instead of a SIX digit number, e.g...
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VIrgin Mobile Cease SMS service to Geographic numbers

6 mars 2019
Dear Customer,   Virgin Mobile have taken the decision to cease sending SMS to UK geographic landline telephone numbers. This is a decision that affects inbound SMS (MO) from Virgin Mobile handsets to any UK landline numbers, regardless of supplier across the industry.   Discussions are ongoing with Virgin Mobile to explore a solution, however there are no timescales for...
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