23 Apr 2019
JT Data Sim Hardware upgrade
Hello This Evening between 20:00 and 21:00 we will be carrying out a minor update to our MVNO hardware to improve service stability. We are expecting a very short disruption during this period of less than one minute as hardware is restarted. No other disruption is expected. Regards aql Support
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18 Apr 2019
Bank Holiday support
Hello Please be aware that during the upcoming Bank Holiday weekend, between 19/04/2019 and 22/04/2019, the AQL main office will be closed. However, support will still be available for Priority 1 Emergency issues. Please contact us for these via a Support ticket, or via the main office  number of 01133220655 Regards aql Support
18 Apr 2019
Disruption to MO traffic to AQL - RESOLVED
Hello Following our investigation into this issue, we have successfully isolated the root cause of this fault, and corrections have been made by our systems team to resolve the issue causing the delivery failures. Following this we have confirmed that the queue of messages that had built up is now clearing, as these are delivered. The issue should now be fully resolved, however if you do...
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17 Apr 2019
aql Service Announcement - Voice Services
Dear Customer, As part of our drive to improve availability across our services and to ensure a highly resilient network, we’re doing some maintenance. Details Start Time: 20:00 24/04/2019 End Time: 02:00 25/04/2019 Services: Voice Risk: Medium Description of Change: Planned maintenance   In order to improve service performance, we will be carrying out...
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12 Apr 2019
Delay in Three SIM API actions
Dear customer, We have been made aware of an issue within the Three network which is delaying the actioning of submitted API commands such as SIM activation via our API's. This is currently under investigation by the carrier. We will update you as we receive update on this. Kind Regards, aql Support RSS feed available via:  
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